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Today at 4:45 AM

I just read d facts on this 24/7 pills. It has all d vitamin n minerals good 4our body. However here is my dilemma: my thyroid surgeon had limited my calcium n vitamin D intake 2 only 630 mg of calcium n Vit D 500 iu n 1mg of folic acid. D 24/7 pill contains 259 mg of calcium n 400 iu of vit D n 409 mcg of folic acid. At end of month, I will.have another blood test 2check if my calcium, vit D n folic acid level is adequate.  SO if I take this 24/7 pill now, my calcium, vit D n folic acid intake will b more. D dr will get angry bc b4 I was taking more n it wasn't good 4me. That is y c told me 2 strictly follow her instructions.  7

I am Fuly Primo - AIM members Nov 2013... pls advise on the above message received from sister in LA.  I sent her C24/7 last week.

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