Glutathione is composed of 3 Amino Acids L-Cysteine, L-Glutamic acid, and L-Glycine. It is considered as the “master anti-oxidant” that protects the cells of our body.

Some health benefits are:

  • Reduces sugar and alcohol cravings
  • Increases sperm count in men
  • Promotes clearer vision
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Lightens dark spots caused by acne
  • Counters the side effects of Chemotherapy

Side Effect: Promotes clearer, even toned, rosy-white skin!

Glutathione is famous for its side effect,which is,as mentioned above,to whiten the skin. This is because Glutathione inhibits or lessens the production of Melanin[1](the substance responsible for the coloring of our skin),and thus lightens the color of the skin. However,Glutathione cannot be fully functional in the body without the help of Anti-Oxidants such as Vitamin C,Grape Seed,etc. Another fact is that Glutathione can only be effective if it is inside the body,and there are only four effective ways of using Glutathione, First is Oral,in capsule or tablet form. Second is Sublingual,which allows it to be directly absorbed in the bloodstream. Third is Intravenous,injected to a vein. Fourth is Intramuscular,injected to a muscle. Aside from these methods of use,there are no more effective administration of Glutathione inside the body. Aside from this,there are factors which decreases the whitening effect of Glutathione, such as excessive intake of alcohol,sleep deprivation and sunbathing.

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