i was just invited by a friend to witness the 4th year anniversary of aim global. i was really startled by what happened during the event. the venue was at araneta, nearly 18 thousand attended the said celebration. i did not expect the crowd to be in such a big was really a very memorable day for me aside from april 25 being my b-day but because all my doubts regarding aim global were nowhere to be found during and after the anniversary celebration. the company even launched its new product, C 24/7, during the event. i can really assure you that their products are of high quality. i have tried their Liven coffee having no caffeine at all if i am not mistaken. with my regular mixture of coffee i experince palpitations but with aim globals' product i can stay late at night reviewing, drinking coffee and experiencing relaxation without having palpitations. my experience with aim global is not that long yet but mind you, i can attest that its true from its name up to its products. within this month i would be signing up as one of its members and i can't really wait for that moment to come.

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